Corban Welcomes Newest Class of Act Six Scholars

“When I was applying for this scholarship, I had very little hope that I would ever be chosen as an Act Six scholar,” says Sophiya Chuprova, a Corban freshman from nearby McNary High School. “I would overanalyze every question in hopes that it would be perfect for whoever was interviewing me. Then I realized, being my true self is where my own leadership had to start.”

Corban’s collaboration with the Act Six program represents hope for so many students looking to find their distinct leadership voice, many of whom are the first in their families to attend colleges. Selected through a rigorous three-month competition among more than 1,100 applicants, these diverse student leaders were chosen for their commitment to serving on campus and at home, their passion for learning, their eagerness to foster intercultural relationships, and their willingness to step out of their comfort zones. The program provides full-tuition, full-need scholarships for the next four years of their academic journeys.

For many of Corban’s 10 new Act Six scholars, the opportunity has already felt life changing. “It felt unbelievable to be selected, like a great weight was being lifted off of my shoulders,” says Kiara Fast, a student from West Salem High School who plans to study Language Arts Education. “It felt like an answer to prayer.”

Having already undergone an intensive six-month training program that involves weekly meetings with Act Six staff, retreats, and campus visits, Corban’s Act Six scholars are ready to engage their education and training head-on.

“Seeing our current cadre of scholars already engaged in leadership opportunities, we have been so excited to welcome another 10 scholars to join the growing family of Act Six members at Corban,” said Dean of Students, Nathan Geer. “Their enthusiasm for leadership is making a difference on our campus and captures our mission of making a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”

Not only does the Act Six Scholarship represent hope and opportunity for so many students to grow in their professional leadership skills, but at Corban, it also represents the chance to join a vibrant, nurturing faith community. “It wasn’t just the financial relief that excited me, but more so the group of people I got to meet who have the same goal of being a leader as I do,” Chuprova says. “I feel so blessed and honored to have such an amazing opportunity placed in front of me as well as the great push of taking action to be a part of the change.”

And the program has already yielded profound results nationwide. Eighty-one percent of Act Six scholars earn their bachelor’s degrees within six years, nearly double the rate for first-generation students nationwide, and more than two-thirds of the program’s graduates are working or serving back in their home communities.

For each member of Corban’s Act Six cohort, the drive to give back to their community is critical, linking neatly with Corban’s mission to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. “To be an Act Six Scholar is to grow and become a light in our communities,” says Ady Argueta, a Mathematics Education major.

Each scholar will now have the opportunity to hone their distinct academic and professional skills as they are prepared and equipped to return to their communities in various forms of professional service. For Kiara Fast, education is the outlet for her future ministry. “High school is such a pivotal period in everybody’s life,” she says. “Kids need someone who is not only going to teach them about their class subject, but about valuable lessons they will need outside of the four walls of a classroom. They need someone to listen to them and be a light in what may be one of the most challenging and confusing times of their life.”

Chuprovya plans to study biomedical science with the hopes of one day serving her community as a nurse practitioner. “I have a heart for helping children and I want to be led by the Lord in my life,” she says. “He knows what the end goal is for me, and I trust that He will guide me in my dream of making a difference in the lives of others.”

From computer science to ministry, education to nursing, each member of Corban’s growing Act Six community now has the opportunity to pursue their dreams and God’s calling on their lives—dreams made real through the incredible financial assistance the scholarship provides. The diversity of their experience, coupled with the uniqueness of each student’s skills and educational focus, promises an even wider reach for gospel-impact in the surrounding community.

It is the unique combination of Act Six’s dedication to community impact and education, coupled with Corban’s standards of academic excellence and gospel-driven service, that is already paying major dividends in the lives of these students and the places they call home. “I strive to become not just the best teacher I can be for all of the students I will teach,” says Fast, “but a better person for those kids that just need someone to lean and depend on.”

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