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Marriage in an iWorld: restoring God’s design for marriage, by Dr. David H McClain

Dr. David H. McClain’s, Marriage in an iWorld: restoring God’s design for marriage is a deeply biblical and refreshingly practical approach to understanding marriage and honoring the One who created it. The 21 carefully crafted chapters include realistic stories, helpful cultural reflections and wise biblical counsel. The creatively organized sections, full of allusions to Legos, fairy tales and business contracts, make the reading more interesting. But the important topics covering God’s design, brokenness, romance, conflict, expectations, fears, money, addictions, parenting and more are what make the book a helpful resource to keep on a nightstand and share with family and friends. Highly recommended for couples, families, pastors and counselors.

Dr. Marty Trammell, English Faculty, Corban University,

I Remember Fishing with Dad, by Jason Dorsey

Pastor-Artist Jason Dorsey beautifully chronicles the adventure of a young boy fishing with his dad. Although some readers might contend that the engaging and charming paintings sometimes eclipse the narrative, that can only be an additional reason to purchase this delightful book. The fish story is rich with purpose and wise with insights about the value of friendship between parents and their children. Highly recommended for those who love the outdoors and for those who want a deeper connection with their children or parents.

Dr. Marty Trammell, English Faculty, Corban University,

Stories, Psalms, and Songs for the Darkest Night – Hope and Help for Surviving Depression, by Ruth LaFreniere

In this short book, Ruth LaFreniere shares her own life’s struggles, including surgery that led to a one-sided paralysis. As a concert pianist, this was traumatic, but her ability to dwell on the stories, Psalms and songs that she shares in this book should encourage those who have similar struggles. This author, who knows what depression is, provides not only stories, Psalms and songs, but she adds “Recognizing the symptoms” and “Taking positive steps” that provide actions survivors can take to overcome.

Ellen Kersey, English/Journalism Faculty, Corban University   

Beyond Trauma: Hope and Healing for Warriors, by Col. Dean Bonura  

Col. Dean Bonura, a 1978 graduate of Corban University (then Western Baptist College) and Corban’s 2019 Distinguished Alum of the Year, spent thirty years as a chaplain in the U.S. Army, including two combat tours in Iraq. His expertise on the causes and nature of PTSD are rooted not just in theory but in personal experience and direct observation.   

Col. Bonura, who also holds a Doctor of Ministry degree, soon realized that standard approaches to addressing PTSD and its symptoms of guilt, grief, shame, and loss of peace and purpose, typically overlooked a key component: trauma to the human spirit.  

His book Beyond Trauma: Hope and Healing for Warriors: A Guide for Pastoral Caregivers on PTSD adds a necessary spiritual dimension to understanding and treating lingering psychological, social and spiritual damage to combat veterans. It is written in clear, jargon-free prose, making its insights and recommendations accessible to practitioners and general readers alike. 

For pastors looking for increased understanding of congregants struggling with PTSD and for those of us with friends and loved ones suffering from PTSD this is a very helpful read, an informed and compassionate voice speaking from a Christian understanding of the human condition and God’s offering of healing and redemption. 

Dr. Jim Hills, Humanities Professor, Corban University 

The Clan Band,  by Michael C. Hubbard 

Hubbard details the history of the pipe band he was a part of for many years. His book includes newspaper clippings, photos, and historical details. He details the efforts it takes to put a bagpipe band together, the bands’ strategies, individuals’ responsibilities (learning the melodies, equipping themselves with their instruments and uniforms, and meeting requirements) and includes his own experiences. The “Clanecdotes” section includes stories and anecdotes from individual band members, revealing their own embarrassing moments and the humorous events that occurred. If it’s your dream to play in a bagpipe band, this book will help you wend your way. 

Ellen Kersey, English/Journalism Faculty, Corban University 

The Art of Wisdom: Volume 1, by Tammy Fabian

Inspired by the personal tone and communication style of the Proverbs, The Art of Wisdom offers an intimate look into verses from Proverbs 10-12.  Following Solomon’s example, author Tammy Fabian passes on life wisdom gained from her personal journey.  Fabian models a way to interact with scripture using intimate stories, focused questions, and inspirational pictures.  Her approach offers readers moments of reflection on the scripture itself and opportunities to connect that message to their own lives.  This book would provide a good platform for group discussions as it could encourage others to share their own stories on their journey to wisdom.    

Tamara McGinnis, Associate Professor of English and Communication, Corban University 

40 glimpses of God’s unexpected grace, by Scott Miller

Scott Miller’s devotional unexpected: 40 glimpses of God’s unexpected grace, is a series of 40 short lessons, encouraging believers to remember God’s plan, purpose and presence in all the events of their lives.  Miller’s conversational style makes these lessons accessible and practical.  He opens each devotion with a relevant question or challenge such as “Do you ever think that you don’t have what it takes?”  After Miller explores the opening prompt, he interrupts each lesson with the quirky transition, “BuuuUuuut” to redirect attention to what God says or promises about the opening thought.  Unexpected addresses modern controversies and concerns using Old and New Testament references that show these human problems are as old as time, and that God’s response in scripture is as appropriate today as it was the day it was written.  The book’s message is summed up by a passage quoted in lesson 16 from Lamentations 3:22-23, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Miller’s book is an easy read with some less easy challenges that would encourage any reader to find their answers in the character and presence of God.

Tamara McGinnis, Associate Professor of English and Communication, Corban University 

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