David F. Miller Pavilion Dedication


We hope you’ll enjoy this page dedicated to commemorating Dr. Miller’s lasting impact on decades of students at Western Baptist/Corban University. The Pavilion couldn’t have a more appropriate name bestowed upon it. For your enjoyment, please click on the tabs below to further reflect on your connection with Dr. Miller and the University. Thank you for your appreciation and support.

Dr. David F. Miller Pavilion Dedication

Rules are meant to be…

Rocks – Joshua 4

The Educator

Sharp Dressed Man

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The creative and sometimes jaw-dropping statements that Dr. Miller often made have become affectionately known as “zingers”. Through these zingers, his lessons, methods, and desire to study the bible made lasting impressions on those he taught. Perhaps you have a “zinger”, story or a tribute to share. If so, please complete the following fields.

Christian Theology

by Dr. David F. Miller  

In 1991 Dr. David F. Miller made arrangements to have his Christian Theology class recorded. Mike Mellison (’92) worked with Dr. Miller to set up a VHS camcorder in the back of the classroom to capture what we have all come to enjoy as the most innovative class we have ever had on Christian Theology. There are 33 video lectures and a downloadable theology notebook. We have converted the theology notebook into a PDF file for anyone to download.


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