Dr. David F. Miller

Corban University - Theology Professor (1940-2012)

Dr. David F. Miller faithfully and creatively taught students to study, understand and accurately apply the bible to every area of their personal lives. For almost 25 years Dr. Miller used his creative and sometimes evocative teaching approach to challenge student’s assumptions about the bible and the Christian life.

At Western Baptist College, now Corban University, Dr. Miller preached the power of the Gospel to all who would listen, and lived-out his belief in God's goodness. After 25 years of impacting young theologians, Dr. Miller took on the role of college president, launching an era of growth, grace, improvement and innovation. He challenged long held beliefs regarding dress codes, entertainment options, and was a pioneer in opening degree programs that had been closed to women.

In addition to his roles at the University, Dr. Miller was the beloved pastor of Valley Baptist of Perrydale for 17 years. Dr. Miller loved Jesus Christ first and foremost. He wanted you to know the savior that he knew, he wanted you to know the word of God as he knew it. He understood that to do that, he needed to be relational. That’s why he was an effective teacher, pastor, president and friend.