Outdoor Athletic Complex Before and After Illustration

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$4.0 Million Campaign

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The new athletics complex will:

  1. Add at least 130 student-athletes.
  2. Maximize existing classroom space without building additional classrooms.
  3. Eliminate the time and dollars wasted through facilities rentals and back and forth travel.
  4. Improve facilities function and aesthetics. What is currently a liability to prospective athletes will become an asset that we can showcase.
  5. Accommodate future growth of the complex through the completion of drainage infrastructure.
  6. Enter into lease agreements with local schools and the city while improving our community partners through hosted events.

A new athletics complex providing our athletes and coaches with the resources they need to glorify God by competing to their full potential. The total investment includes a state-of-the-art track and field complex with an artificial turf field and LED field lighting, along with extensive excavation work to remedy the drainage problems plaguing our athletics fields.

Recruiting Advantage

The new athletic complex will remove a significant barrier to recruiting athletes and will instead provide Corban with a competitive edge.

Resources Saved

Currently, our teams rely on rented facilities for practices and “home” games. This forces our athletes to sacrifice many hours of travel time away from campus for practices and games. Students will save valuable travel time, limiting the interference with academic requirements.

Optimized Schedules & Space

Lighted fields allow athletes to practice later in the evenings, optimizing class schedules and classroom space.

Home Field Advantage

Excellent athletics facilities also augment the community culture on campus, allowing families and our Warrior faithful to attend true home games and boost our teams’ morale.

Increased Safety

On-site facilities to reduce our athletes’ potential exposure to COVID 19 and traffic accidents that could happen from all the required practice travel

Community Impact

This complex will give Corban the ability to enter into lease agreements with local schools and the city, while improving our community partnership through hosted events.

Corban's plans for a new outdoor athletic complex

The total investment includes: a state of the art track & field complex with an artificial turf field and LED field lighting, for soccer and lacrosse. Extensive excavation work will remedy the significant drainage problems where the current athletic fields are located.