Corban Giving Day Ambassadors

This video explains the basics of the Corban Giving Day Campaign for our ambassadors.

Be an Ambassador for Corban Giving Day

You are invited to be a special ambassador for our upcoming Corban Giving Day, as part of the National Giving Tuesday annual day of fundraising.  Corban Giving Day is Tuesday, December 1st and funds raised go directly into our Corban Fund which makes it possible for more students to take part in the excellent, transformative education and relational experience Corban offers.

Our goal for Corban Giving Day is to raise $50,000 and in order to reach this goal, we will need help from ambassadors like you.

What does a Corban Giving Day ambassador do?  I’m glad you asked!  Being an ambassador includes four simple tasks:

  • Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested in being an ambassador.
  • Make a list of 5 emails representing people from your circle of friends and family.
  • Login to our campaign page with the link we send you via email.
  • Enter the contact info for your 5 friends and family on our Corban Giving Day campaign page.
  • (Optional) Our ambassadors will also have access to additional features on our campaign page like instant text messaging and social media sharing to maximize your fundraising impact.

The heavy lifting for this campaign happens between the Corban Advancement Team and a digital fundraising platform known as E Team Sponsor (ETS).  Corban Athletics has been using this platform with great success since last fall.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our Corban ambassadors provide the email info to ETS.
  • The Advancement Team creates content for 4-6 emails leading up to Corban Giving Day.
  • ETS provides automated sending of all emailed communications to the provided email addresses and provides the digital website for collecting, processing, tracking, reporting Corban Giving Day results in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I be sure that this website will not use my shared email addresses for other purposes?

  • Personal information is never sold or shared, you can view ETS’s privacy policy here 
  • We DO NOT share any information gathered as a result of a campaign with any third-party. All emails received by you and/or the sponsors are in direct relationship with our fundraising efforts, none are SPAM or third-party solicitations. 

What happens if an email I submit has already been submitted by someone else?

  • ETS will ensure that no one person will get duplicate emails from different people regarding the same campaign 

Is there a sample email for me to see?

  • Yes, email samples will be made available upon request

What if I don’t want to share emails? Is there another way I can be an ambassador for fundraising events?

  • You have the option to share our campaign page through social media and text messages