• Worldview Video Series

    In this documentary series we feature professor Dr. Kent Kersey as he hosts a series of videos with seven Corban faculty from seven disciplines, discussing the importance of a biblical worldview.

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Tempering the Marxist Worldview with Biblical Truth

Secular scholars who espouse a Marxist worldview often focus on the darkness of history. Dr. Scot Bruce explains how a critical, Biblical worldview sheds light on the past…and present.

Balancing Criminal Justice and Christ’s Mercy

Dr. Sandee Flint understands the power of a Christian worldview in practical, tough situations. During her career with the FBI, Dr. Flint saw firsthand how faith plays out in surprising and important ways.

Escaping Political and Cultural Entanglement

American culture promotes endless shades of gray and relative truths. Dr. Greg Trull discusses how Christians can transcend politics, identity crises, and discover what objective truth actually looks like.

Planting Seeds of Wonder in the Secular Classroom

Children are our future. Educators have an enormous impact on how they learn, explore, and grow. Jen Kleiber discusses how to navigate teaching in a public school setting with a Biblical worldview.

Building Success in Business, Life, and Ministry

The world of business is focused on sales, marketing, and profit. What does that mean for a Christian who wants to succeed in business while living a godly life? How do you apply a Biblical lens to situations that can feel inherently secular?

Learning to Embrace Suffering in the Healthcare Industry

While working in medicine is strenuous and difficult, it is also full of opportunities for ministering both physically and spiritually. Life and death moments are moments of questioning, reckoning, and seeking. These are the times a solid faith foundation is vital – and life changing.

Taking a Holistic Approach to the Mental Health Crisis

Mental illness is a pervasive problem in our society. In this video, Dr. Ryan Connor explains how a counsellor with a biblical worldview can guide patients towards healing beyond pills.