Christmas at Corban 2021

Corban Music Department to Welcome Back Community With “Christmas At Corban” Event

“The anticipation is building,” says Corban Music Program Director, Dr. Mark Stanek. “The thought of bringing people back on to campus for a Christmas celebration has us all really excited.”

This year, Corban students and faculty are preparing for “Christmas at Corban” with a new sense of joy. “It’s just good to be bringing people back,” Stanek says. “Whatever it ends up looking like, the anticipation of a Psalm Center full of people enjoying themselves is exciting for our musicians.”

Free to the public, “Christmas at Corban” will highlight the wonder of the season as Corban
bands, choirs, and orchestras aim to delight and inspire audiences with a repertoire of primarily sacred music.

“The Christmas message put to music is always impactful,” Stanek says. “Music speaks to a certain part of our humanity and a distinct aspect of God’s image that nothing else quite reaches.”

Marked by growing anticipation among Corban’s young musicians, the event offers the chance to join the celebration of the most anticipated event in history—the coming of the Savior to the world.

To RSVP and reserve your seat, please scan this QR code.