It’s possible to save taxes and change a life! Corban University can help make this happen through our partnership with The Giving Crowd (TGC).

Corban is offering an exciting opportunity by hosting a free webinar, “Reducing Your Taxes During Business Transitions,” presented by Richard Blackmon of TGC on May 18, at noon PST. This 30-minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Our friends at The Giving Crowd have been sharing these concepts with others and the response has been so positive. Almost daily, there is news about potential tax changes, and we want you to be aware of strategies that others are using today to reduce or eliminate their tax burden, allowing them to give their dollars instead to the causes that are close to their heart.

We are thankful that Corban University is close to the heart of so many. It was the generosity of people like you that turned Jeremy’s dream university experience into a reality.

“Corban is a dream university for so many students. It is my dream university. It has the best of everything; rigorous academics, expert professors, and a close-knit Christian community. It was more affordable for me than public universities because of the scholarships I received. Everything I’ve learned, and the ways I have grown, wouldn’t be possible without the scholarships Corban gave me.” – Jeremy Hale ‘21

If you are considering selling your business, take the next step that could be critically important to you and students like Jeremy. A short conversation with Richard at TGC could reduce or eliminate taxes, allowing you to redeploy those dollars to your children, beneficiaries, and the causes you care most about, and at zero cost to you.

For questions about registering, call Holly Flores at 503-316-3383.