“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:4-5

The class of 2022 has experienced more than their fair share of dark days during a time of global uncertainty that stretched even to Corban’s quiet campus. Their experience has often been marked by turmoil, anxiety, and isolation. But during the Commencement ceremonies on May 6 and 7, ushered in by the ringing of bagpipes, no amount of darkness past or present could overcome the joy of celebrating graduation. Students flocked together in a sea of navy caps and gowns, gathering on Corban’s blooming campus for their long-awaited graduation ceremony—a group marked by the galvanizing power of Christian community.

“God has worked through the relationships and community I’ve built here at Corban,” said graduating senior, Caleb Pineda. “There is nothing else like it. I’ve been blessed to be able to come here and see how people have worked in shaping my life.”

The ceremony was highlighted by Scripture readings from Corban faculty, a performance of “In Christ Alone” by the Corban Chamber Choir, and a profound and intimate keynote address by longtime professor, Dr. Jim Hills. His words came through a screen, prerecorded as he continues his battle with longhaul COVID symptoms, but by no means lacked impact.

“In all this uncertainty, I am going to give you a constant that I hope you take with you,” he said. “You must be about your Father’s business.” It was a repeated refrain in his address as he detailed the lessons God had delivered to him while in his hospital bed—lessons lived through a positive mindset, a grateful attitude, and continual prayer for the hospital staff he came into contact with every day. He had found new ways to be about his Father’s business and encouraged the class of 2022 to do the same.

Loud cheers and abundant smiles filled the Psalm Center as students took turns walking across the stage, stepping out of a season of adversity, preparation, and strengthening, and into the brightness of new future callings. “We’ve been equipped to live our lives for Christ and incorporate our faith in everything we do,” said new graduate, Sophie Mansour. “Serving and walking alongside each other and helping each other grow in the midst of such a hard time has been a big encouragement. My time at Corban has helped me feel ready to enter my career and be a light for Christ.”