corbanconnect 2022 Fall, Newsletter October 27, 2022


“I’ve learned so much about relationships, caring for people, and loving each other in community,” says junior business major, Chris Nobles. “It’s what makes Corban so beautiful.”

Chris first experienced Corban’s close community as a high school senior attending Corban Experience, the University’s overnight event for prospective students. “What I actually remember the most was watching Corban students sitting in the coffee shop together after the main concert, late at night, inviting everyone into their group,” he says. “One girl had a ukulele, and they just started singing songs and worshipping together. That one little image sums up Corban so well.”

Once he arrived on campus as a fulltime student, that singular image became a daily reality. “I didn’t have a community like that in high school,” he says. “It’s so much easier to have the deep conversations about who I am in Christ here. I can share my struggles and insecurities and go so much deeper because of that shared faith.”

Now, whether in class, in his dorm, or as a part of Corban’s men’s basketball team, Chris encounters authentic, life-changing community every day. It has begun to shape the way he sees his future. As a business major, Chris aspires to launch his own business one day, creating the kind of culture that he found at Corban. “God intended us to live life in community,” he says. “That doesn’t stop at Corban. Someday, through entrepreneurship, I hope to be able to build a work community that brings people together, gives them a place to belong, and helps to impact the world around us.”

As Chris looks toward his future, he is keenly aware of where it all began and the support it took to get him to this place. “I wouldn’t have been able to come here if it wasn’t for my scholarship support,” he says. “It was more than just money to me. It was the possibility of that dream I first saw at Corban Experience, to grow as a person in community. I have friends, professors, mentors, and opportunities that have changed me because of Corban. It’s been more than just a degree. It’s changed my life.”