corbanconnect 2022 Fall, Newsletter October 27, 2022

Note from the interim president

The President’s Report is an opportunity to look back on all that God has done at Corban in the past year, to reflect on His faithfulness, and ponder how we can continue to serve our students with excellence. But even more than this, it provides an ideal springboard to the new academic year. And “new” is the perfect word to encapsulate all that is going on here.

So, what’s new at Corban? Let’s start with a new class of eager and enthusiastic students! Our students bring the energy that animates this beautiful hillside campus, and among them are Corban’s first Agriculture Science majors. As the only Christian college west of the Rockies to offer such a program, we can help meet the enormous workforce need in this professional area. Best of all, our students will be able to do so with Christian character and conviction.

This year’s University Cabinet includes three new members whose strong commitment to biblical values, student success, and creative problem-solving have enlivened our collaborative work. In addition to the Cabinet, we have many other new faces across the University, from Athletic Director to Campus Care. We thank the Lord for bringing those He chose to join in his work here!

We are also pleased to announce our hiring of a Nursing Program Director, Dr. Kathleen Kennedy. Her arrival allows us to seek state approval to initiate a nursing program. Student interest in nursing runs high, and it is an entirely missional endeavor. Please pray with us as we seek state approval to continue the program’s development.

My new role as Interim President has been packed with opportunities to meet many friends of Corban. It’s been gratifying and humbling to talk with committed alumni and gracious donors and learn how Corban continues to impact hearts and minds, as it has for 87 years.

I’ve met many whose faith in Christ and professional path were shaped here. I’ve heard from dear community members who have assured me they’ve been praying for us. I’ve talked to student leaders, mentored by godly, role-model faculty and staff. I’ve worked alongside colleagues who give 100% because they believe in our pivotal role in the mission. I’ve talked to parents who have encouraged me that Corban was completely worth the investment.

Our faculty and staff gathered in August as Dr. Mark Turman (Denison Forum) presented ideas from The Coming Tsunami: Why Christians Are Labeled Intolerant, Irrelevant, Oppressive, and Dangerous — and How We Can Turn the Tide. We considered cultural changes and pending legislative actions that could impact how we operate as a Christian university. Our discussion focused on Generation Z, the age group of most of our undergraduate students. While they have faced pandemic learning interruptions, rapid social change, and increasing technological dependency, we have the privilege of guiding them toward a life of Christian discipleship.

We want to show them the difference Christ has made in our own lives and do so with transparency and vulnerability. We can help students understand both the power and limitations of technology and suggest how they might temper its influence with reasonable boundaries. And we can teach them, as our speaker reminded us, “You will never know the eternal significance of daily faithfulness.”

In today’s post-truth culture, Corban offers a rare experience in the Pacific Northwest. We help Christian students pursue academic and professional programs with excellence while discovering their calling and giftedness. That’s how we educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ!