As major drainage infrastructure is installed at the site of the new Outdoor Athletic Complex, Athletic Director, Sue Roth, looks forward to the many areas of University improvement on the horizon. The vital enhancements and additions brought by the OAC represent obvious gains in athletics experience and cost–saving measures, allowing Corban to drop expensive external facilities rentals while gaining income through the University’s own facility rentals. But it is in the area of community connection that Roth sees the most cause for excitement. “It is our hope that this complex will be a blessing to each person on this campus and bring more unity among us,” she says. In a time when unity and shared experience have often felt out of reach, the OAC offers Corban’s community more chances to join together in celebration of something positive. “Just to have home games and meets will bring our Corban community together,” Roth continues. “By having on-campus events, our student body will be more inclined to come out and enjoy these sports that they have not had as much opportunity to support and watch when they were held off campus, giving our whole student body more ways to connect.” The facility will be open for use by students, staff, and the greater community. Roth envisions local schools and clubs utilizing the facility for practices, games, and local events, extending Corban’s reach and potential impact in the local community. “We will be a blessing to the greater Salem community when members of our city come to visit our fine facilities and our campus,” she says. “It’s our hope that more and more of the Salem community and beyond will be introduced to Corban through this facility.” With the OAC on track to be finished in this academic year, Roth looks forward to a time when athletics can once again play a critical role in fostering unity and engagement, making a difference on campus and in the community for Jesus Christ.

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