In a semester that could easily have become overwhelming and disheartening, Corban students have displayed uncommon resilience—a testament to their character and faith. Masks, distancing, outdoor dining, virtual social events, and live-remote learning have all contributed to a semester that is far from the expected college experience. And yet, Corban has worked diligently to ensure that our community could remain an on-campus, face-to-face community. 

“My friends and I have made it a point to still be in community, even if that looks a little different this year,” says Elizabeth Lewis. “That might look like a game night in PVG with masks and distance, or a lunch break together outside, but we continually look at the school being open as a huge blessing.” 

Students like Alexa Taylor have been able to take this unique time as an opportunity for personal growth. “I’ve learned more about prayer this year than in any other,” she says. Lewis agrees. “I’ve realized the importance of quiet time with God even more so than I did before,” she says. “The Lord has met me where I’m at in struggles and hardship and brought peace and joy. A lot of healing has happened here.” 

Optimism in the face of adversity has become the hallmark of the student population as they find new ways to embrace their college experience while continually placing each others’ needs before their own. “2020 has strengthened Corban’s community,” says Juan Arriaga Juarez. “It has shown us that we’re not alone. Despite everything we’ve gone through, we stand strong, together, under Christ. From President Nord, to Dr. Anderson, to Jason and the Aramark team, all of us have grown in our own unique ways, and our strength within each other and within Christ will only continue to grow.” 

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