Corban Campus Receives Major Updates and Improvements

Even though the stagnant feeling of 2020 seems to have bled into the beginning of 2021, it has not stopped the University from moving forward with crucial improvements across its campus.

 During this time, our administration has worked diligently to improve the efficiency of our campus, working with the Energy Trust of Oregon to install more energy efficient lighting across campus while also upgrading visibility for our students, faculty, and staff, and also installing web-based programmable thermostats that will allow for more efficient and timely temperature regulations that can be altered remotely. 

Corban University has also risen to the challenge of COVID-19, setting up classrooms, facilities, and campus spaces for compliance to restrictions and regulations. The new Student Health Center provides students with free access to medical professionals, offering essential functions such as basic health screening and COVID testing. 

Additionally, the University has undergone several facilities and maintenance upgrades, including a full reevaluation and streamlining of our grounds operations, repair and replacement of sidewalks and lighting across campus, and additional lighting and staircase updates to parking lot A. 

Corban’s C.E. Jeffers Sports Center, home of the Warrior basketball and volleyball teams, received several crucial updates, including renovations to the restrooms and a full replacement of the gym roof. One exciting new feature was the debut and dedication of the new custom designed gym floor in honor of former Corban men’s basketball coach and Warrior Hall of Fame member, Tim Hills. 

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