Corban’s new Outdoor Athletic Complex is beginning to take shape and nearing the completion of its initial phase. After months of excavation, drainage amendment, leveling, and foundational work, the site has seen some major installations in the fall and winter months, with even more expected this spring.

The most notable addition is the installation of Corban’s new turf playing field and scoreboard, a major step in the project timeline. While the surface is fully installed and playable, access will still remain limited until the completion of the overall construction project, according to Corban University Project Manager, Troy Croff. Groundwork has also been laid for the University’s new track, but the installation of the track surface itself will wait until spring, when a patch of consistently dry weather is more likely, allowing the surface to cure properly after installation.

While plans for the track are on hold, many other vital improvements and additions are moving forward. “We will be moving forward with curbs, driveways, sidewalks, fencing, irrigation and landscaping, and track features like the steeplechase pit, discus cage, long jump pits and other pieces,” says Croff. “January should be a big month for more progress as we anticipate many of these pieces going into place as well as our field lighting.”

The construction crew was also able to install a gravel path connecting the complex to the main university campus and the townhouses that sit at the campus’ northern-most end. According to Croff, this improvement has been a long time coming and should increase safety for townhouse residents as they walk to the main campus.

Winter and spring will also signal major phases of landscaping, spearheaded by Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architects. “We brought on Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architects early on, and they have been invaluable in providing input and design ideas that will make this complex function extremely well for us,” says Croff. “This project has been a lot of fun, collaborating with Athletics, our architect and civil engineer, K & E Excavation, and other contractors and vendors.”

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