Deanna Gardiner-Garcia is a lifelong friend and supporter of Corban University. A graduate of the class of 1963, Deanna has been a faithful donor for many years and has served on the board since 2015. Here is her experience with The Giving Crowd (TGC), in her own words.

“I have been talking with TGC for several years. Their ministry has enabled me to donate in a much more tax efficient manner. My CPA, trust attorney, and financial advisors never gave me advice on the best ways to give.

I thought my estate plan was complete, but I found out there was a much better way to give. Rather than writing out a check where I had paid taxes already, I was able to give an appreciated asset to Corban. Had I sold the asset first, it would have been a much smaller donation because I would have first had to pay the capital gains tax. By giving an asset, I have the joy of seeing Kingdom work unfolding in my lifetime.

Giving appreciated assets or stocks is much more beneficial to the donor and the recipient because the donor receives increased tax deductions and more funds. Tax contribution amounts in excess of the allowed tax limit can be carried forward for five years.

At Corban we often ask for cash to support our mission. For many families, the cash they have represents 9% of their financial worth, but their assets, life insurance, and IRA equals 91%. So, we’re often asking from the 9% wallet, when we could be encouraging gifts out of the 91% wallet.

I encourage everyone to take the time to learn more about TGC and how it can impact not only Corban, but you as well. I have experienced the added personal benefit of being a wise steward of my funds and changing lives for Jesus Christ.” – Deanna Gardiner-Garcia ’63, Corban University Board Member

Contact co-founder and CEO of The Giving Crowd, Richard Blackmon, at or 214-316-0383.