Marvin and Danalee Leadham

Marvin and Danalee Leadham ’57

Marvin Leadham couldn’t sleep. Recently, two of the missionaries he supported were set to retire from the field, leaving him with what he considered to be a new hole in his giving. Awake at night, the Lord continually placed Corban on his mind and on his heart. 

When he learned about Act Six, Corban’s scholarship program supporting bright local students from underserved communities, it didn’t take long for him to realize where the Lord was calling him to funnel his prayer and support. 

Marvin and Danalee support over a dozen ministries financially and in prayer. “I believe I’m still here today because the Lord wants me to support the needs of these ministries,” Marvin says. “I’m not living for this world, because only what we do for Christ will last.”

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