Corban’s Plan For A New State of the Art Athletics Complex

The accolades of our student-athletes are impressive, both on and off the field. While our athletes have always sought to glorify God in their athletic performance, our inadequate athletic facilities are a distraction to this goal.

Our teams rely on rented facilities for practices and “home” games. This forces our athletes to sacrifice many hours of travel time away from campus for practices and games. This is a significant barrier not only to student-athletes’ performance on the field and in the classroom, but to recruitment as well, as prospective students see this as a hindrance to the excellence they strive to achieve.

Excellent athletics facilities also augment the community culture on campus, allowing families and our Warrior faithful to attend true home games and boost our teams’ morale. Our student body needs to have easy access to cheer on their classmates and fully join in the Warrior experience.

Find out more about the Outdoor Athletic Complex.

Outdoor Athletic Complex

A new athletics complex helps solve these issues, providing our athletes and coaches with the resources they need to glorify God by competing to their full potential. The total investment includes a state of the art track and field complex with an artificial turf field and LED field lighting, along with extensive excavation work to remedy the drainage problems plaguing our athletics fields.

A new athletics complex will help Corban achieve its goal of educating athletes to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ through the following:

  1. Add at least 130 student-athletes.
  2. Maximize existing classroom space without building additional classrooms.
  3. Eliminate the time and dollars wasted through facilities rentals and back and forth travel.
  4. Improve facilities function and aesthetics. What is currently a liability to prospective athletes will become an asset that we can showcase.
  5. Accommodate future growth of the complex through the completion of drainage infrastructure.
  6. Enter into lease agreements with local schools and the city, while improving our community partnership through hosted events.

The most recent bids and estimates provided by our vendors total $4.0 million. In line with Corban University’s commitment to financial responsibility and wise stewardship, with the support of the Board of Trustees, we have made the decision to not break ground until this project is fully funded.

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