Corban Hiring Teachers for Online English Language Learning Academy in Indonesia

Corban University’s Center for Global Engagement, in partnership with Universitas Pelita Haripan (UPH), has announced the formation of the SPH Online English Academy, a new initiative to provide equitable English learning access to students throughout Indonesia.

“There are certain families who always have access to English education,” says Associate Provost for Global Engagement, Dr. Janine Allen. “They can go to Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH), they have English tutors, and they have the finances to access tutors both in and out of school. But there are families who do not have the financial means to access these resources, or they live in outlying areas where English tutors are not available.”

The new initiative was initially brought on by the effects of COVID, as lockdowns and limited movement made the inequity of language learning access across Indonesia even more apparent. “COVID was the entry point for this conversation, but then we recognized that the market was looking for English instruction online,” says Allen. “As we dug further into the market research, we realized that there is also no one doing this from a Christian perspective.” Their focus expanded to consider how they could best meet the growing need for access to English instruction for all learners while providing that instruction from a biblical perspective.

Among other factors, the growing need for English stems from Indonesia’s expanding role in the global economy. “Indonesia’s middle class is rising,” says Allen, “and because Indonesia is becoming a bigger part of the global economy, English is really becoming an important factor for those who want to be in the job market or get additional education after high school.”

Initial discussions between Corban and UPH began in June and have intensified since December, with both organizations now looking to actively hire instructors for their new Online English Academy. The Academy is looking for a specific type of teacher: expat Christian educators with bachelor’s degrees or higher, a background in English language learning, and preferably teaching experience in the nation of Indonesia.

“We are really looking toward our former SPH teachers,” Allen says, “eachers who are committed to furthering the gospel in a Muslim majority nation.” The opportunity extends beyond educators as well, as the new initiative is also looking for curriculum developers with a similar knowledge of English language learning. For instructors, the time commitment includes two hours of remote instruction per week, broken into one-hour sessions, class sizes of no more than 15 students, and an estimated additional two hours per week of prep and grading time.

The initial target audience for this program is Indonesian students from middle-to-lower income bands, or from remote areas, grades six to eight. Eleventh and twelfth grade students who complete the program will have the opportunity to earn dual credit that applies toward both high school and college through Corban University.

Allen envisions this opportunity as a great way for expat teachers to reengage with Indonesian students while supplementing their income through part-time work. “A lot of teachers have previously responded to the vision of coming to Indonesia to teach,” she says, “but many have had to return home

because of family commitments or other reasons. This way they are able to engage in that important gospel vision for families in Indonesia, while also helping students and their families become part of the global economy in Indonesia.”

Additionally, the SPH Online English Academy will be looking for local, native Indonesian speakers and teachers who will act as teaching assistants. “They will learn and be mentored in how to instruct the English language for developing English language learners.” The goal is to move toward sustainability and ownership of the program from Indonesian nationals. “We believe that God has brought this opportunity to Corban as a gospel imperative and we need to respond as part of the global Church,” Allen says. “At the same time, we want to be able to respond in such a way that our global partners are able to come alongside and learn and be mentored so that they can continue to scale up and provide this opportunity. We want them to be able to eventually lead the initiative themselves.”

Due to the influx of foreign contractor companies and Indonesia’s rise in the global economy, English language learning is becoming more and more crucial for Indonesian nationals. Increased equitable access for English instruction to all Indonesians is vital for the continued growth of Indonesia’s middle-class. “We are looking to provide for the sustainability of families, to help them be able to be income providers, take care of the next generation, and be next generation leaders in their home country,” says Allen. “And we hope that as students complete SPH, they will consider Corban University as a destination for their higher education because they will already be familiar with us through the online environment.”

The SPH Online English Academy is in the process of actively hiring instructors and curriculum developers. All U.S.-based contracts will be provided through Corban University on a part-time, adjunct basis. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact for more information and details on how to apply.

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