For the first time in school history, Corban’s women’s lacrosse team competed with homefield advantage. “It was a joy to play together for the first time on our own home turf,” Head Coach Kylie McMinn said.

And members of the lacrosse team are not the only ones to benefit from a functional Outdoor Athletic Complex. Men’s and women’s soccer, track and field, and even the softball and baseball teams have heavily utilized the new turf field for spring practices.

“It is such a blessing to have our own field,” said Athletic Director Sue Roth. “Our teams are so excited to be out there and when the lights came on this past week, it was amazing.” The complex lights usher in a new era of Corban athletics that Roth believes will help Corban athletes maximize their individual potential and improve on-field performance. “We can practice after 5 p.m. now,” she said. “That was not an option for lacrosse or soccer at Capital Futbol Club.”

As track and field season eyes the starting line to their season, even though the track is not yet in place, for the first time they have been able to remain on campus for practice rather than finding multiple practice locations across Salem.

Roth is confident that the project timeline is remaining on-schedule, with phase one expected to be completed in late June. Upcoming updates include fencing and sidewalks, paving in late March, landscaping in June, and the installation of the track surface in early May, weather permitting.

The University is on track for its phase one fundraising and hopes that more donors will join the cause as the impact of the new complex becomes readily evident. “We expect to raise more funds in the coming months and year to put in more parking, add seating, a press box, batting cages, and a concessions and restrooms building, but that is contingent on further support,” Roth said. “We are confident that once the community and our donors see the turf and track, they will come on board to help us finish this state-of-the-art facility.”

Click here for a video showing recent progress on the OAC.