Corban Alum Bethany Helps Bring Pro-Life Advocacy and Leadership Worldwide

*Due to the nature of the work this featured alum is doing in sensitive global areas, we have removed her last name from this article.

Bethany (’16) has always been a go-getter. As a child, when other kids were advocating for extended bedtimes and the elimination of broccoli, she was entering essay competitions, advocating for the rights of an unborn child. It was an early signpost of a calling that would resurface in her adult years, leading Bethany on a continually unfolding journey as a global pro-life advocate.

In the summer of 2018, shortly after graduating from Corban, she moved to Austria and became Director of European Development at ProLife Europe, an organization she helped to start and establish. Since it began in the spring of 2019, ProLife Europe now operates over 37 student groups in 11 different countries. The organization focuses on forming groups of young people throughout Europe, coaching and equipping them to defend life based on philosophical, biological, and ethical principles. “If we can train other people, we can create community change,” Bethany says. “We focus on training university students and young professionals, teaching them how to help someone in pregnancy crisis.” 

With ProLife Europe now thriving, Bethany has begun scouting trips to Africa and Asia, looking to establish a new movement in a region that has very few voices. “This is a huge opportunity for our young people we are training to practically help and support these girls,” she says. “And when they are asked, ‘Why do you love me so much?’ they get to say that it’s because of Jesus. That’s the beauty of the gospel.”

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