Corban Collective Makes Debut Performance

Corban has had a long heritage of music groups in its history. Alumni and community members remember groups like Master’s Touch or events like Christmas Alive. Music is a part of Corban’s DNA, which is why we are excited to announce Corban’s new group, the Corban Collective. 

Originally set to launch with a live performance last Easter, the advent of the pandemic charted a new course for the singing group. Now, over a year later, Corban Collective is ready to share its exciting new brand of music with you, launching their first music video, with more singles and performances to follow. 

As the Corban Collective help to carry on the University’s legacy of ministry and outreach through music, we ask that you consider supporting them through prayer and financial support as they engage their vision to reach our communities for Christ. 

View their debut performance here.

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