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In our socially networked but disconnected age, we find ourselves longing for deeper, more intimate connection.

Love Lock, Creating Lasting Connections with the One You Love is the perfect read for couples who want more – an essential read for those who want the closeness back.

We were created for connection, yet many marriages are coming apart as couples “unfriend” each other long before the feelings fade. Love Lock couples are looking for ways to connect beyond what they allow people to see on social media. They care about friendship over filters, love over “likes.”

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Spiritual Fitness provides a real, life-driven approach to answering the question, If I m a Christian, why do I still struggle? Packed with tested advice and Scripture-based strategies, Spiritual Fitness extends the health club metaphor of physical fitness to the spiritual pursuit of health and wholeness. The fitness appeal makes this book a personal and practical guide for every reader who longs to experience the peace and joy that a spiritually fit life brings. Small group notes and other valuable resources are available at redeemingrelationships.com.

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Redeeming Relationships is about real life, real people, real answers. Authors Marty Trammell and Rich Rollins offer scriptural insights into the causes of conflict. Their guidelines will help redeem your relationships and reduce the frequency of conflicts you can’t control.

A how-to guide for resolving the most common relational conflicts people experience. According to therapists, employers and church leaders, relational conflict is a persistent issue for everyone. An important subject at a time when stress levels are mounting as the world moves increasingly faster.
Written by a doctor of psychology / doctor of ministry team based on solid psychological research with a biblical context. Easy to read, non-judgmental
advice from qualified authors.

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