A Case for Corban’s New Athletic Complex

Outdoor athletic competition at Corban University is marked by many distinctive qualities: outstanding student-athletes committed to Christ, dedicated coaches who train Corban teams both in sport and in discipleship, a supportive community of fans cheering for athletes on and off the field, and…rain-soaked facilities. The mid-Willamette Valley has a well-earned reputation for months of rain through fall, winter and spring. Athletic facilities at Corban are impacted by the rainy season, and therefore athletes take a direct hit as well. 

On a rainy day at Corban, the soccer fields and baseball field are often under water or too soggy to use. As a result, athletes competing in outdoor sports must practice and compete off-campus. The use of off-campus facilities is costly in many ways. Corban pays fees to rent fields for practice and competitions, and athletes bear the cost of personal time and resources to travel to off-campus locations, cutting into valuable study or work time. Additionally, the academic calendar adjusts to the needs of athletes by ending most classes by 2:30 p.m. so that athletes can access rented facilities during daylight hours. 

The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 make the need for this complex all the more critical. Not only is it increasingly difficult to rent facilities due to the restrictions of the University’s off-campus partners, but the University is also cognizant of the health and safety risks students experience when going to off-campus facilities outside of Corban’s control. Improved outdoor athletic facilities would also benefit the general student body, providing a safe and well-lit field for physical education courses, intramural sports, and personal fitness activities. Keeping students on campus is a benefit in many ways. 

Corban student-athletes are resilient and for years have made the best of inconvenient circumstances. In 2013, the University drafted a plan to fundraise for a new Outdoor Athletic Complex, and donors responded with significant support. As of Feb. 1, 2021, donor pledges and contributions totaled nearly $2.2 million toward the $4 million project, over half of the needed funds.

In 2021, the University is renewing the efforts to raise the remaining $1.8 million in order to break ground on the project in 2022 without incurring debt. The Corban Connection will continue to provide updates on the Finish the Race Campaign during this final push to the fundraising finish line. 

Use this link to find out more and/or make a contribution to the Outdoor Athletic Fund.

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